Pirate party success

Tips for hosting your very own pirate party!

The pirate themed party for my son’s 4th birthday was a resounding success, I’m pleased to report! In this post I’ll share all the details for anyone who is interested. If you need more information please do feel free to ask in the comments below.

My husband craftily made this pirate treasure chest out of a cardboard box. This was a huge hit with the kids. We filled it with plastic balls (the kind you get in ball pools at soft play, ours are from mothercare), but shredded newspaper would have worked equally well. The chest then functioned as a lucky dip box. We bought mini pirate telescopes (they don’t really function but are fun as a bit of pirate kit) which were from amazon, and each one was wrapped up and put into the chest. At the start of the party each child had a go at rummaging in the chest for their prize.


I bought party boxes for the party food. The party time was 1.30-3.30pm, as I didn’t want my son to be too tired for the party, but I needed the morning for preparation! Having it after lunch also avoided having to give the kids a full meal, though they still had plenty to eat!


Each party box contained a bear to-yo fruit roll, a chocolate mini-roll and a pack of Pom-bear. Each child also got a fruit shoot which once chosen was labelled with their name (I pre-wrote the labels and my daughter helped with the process of sticking labels on during the party). We had labels for the party food boxes as well so each child could just grab any one box and it could be labelled afterward.


This is a picture of the pass the parcel while it was being wrapped. The central prize was a light up yo-yo and each layer contained a stretchy dinosaur (25p from a shop called Fun Learning).



And last but not least the pirate ship cake! I made this myself using box mixes for speed (Betty Crocker devil’s food cake) and a YouTube tutorial by the icing artist (icingartist.com) without which I could never have managed it. The pirates themselves I fashioned from fondant, just using pictures of pirates I found from a google search.

I’ll update shortly on all the other games the kids played which my husband (dressed as a pirate!) led.

Please check out my next post to read about the Ever after high/My little pony madness of my daughter’s 8th birthday.

Triple birthday madness

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Triple birthday madness

My three children are all born in the same week, in November. Yes, that’s right. This is quite a bonus if you like the idea of a shared party, but let’s be honest, it’s also quite stressful! I’ve been trying to see the sunny side, and all I’ve been able to come up with is that I only need to order one canister of helium a year!

I have been dutifully contemplating their birthdays since mid-September. Last year we had a joint party for my older two, at our house, with about 17 children and a hired magician lady. In the more distant past my daughter has had no less than THREE princess parties at different church halls for her 4th, 5th and 6th birthdays, with a hired Snow White, Ariel, then last but not least Elsa from Frozen. These all worked out well. However this year, though we toyed with the idea of a huge joint soft play party, I finally fell upon the idea of having two smaller parties, at our house. This way there is no gargantuan party, and we could do the entertainment ourselves, as I quite like the idea of doing some traditional party games. Additionally the two older ones can choose their themes, and get a chance to be the only birthday child on their special party day. For my almost 4 year old son this seemed a particular bonus, as he has never had his very own party before!

Our party planning step-by-step

1) Choosing themes:

Luckily my almost 8-year old daughter has been quite decisive about the theme she wanted. In fact she has planned quite a lot of this party herself (in her own “bullet journal”, would you believe? Read my post about bullet journals, link below, if you’ve never heard of it…literally a mum’s life saver!) She has decided upon a joint  “ever after high” and “my little pony” them. In case you haven’t heard of it, the former is a programme on Netflix, which features cartoon characters who are the children of characters from fairy tales. For example one of the characters is called Apple White, and she is the daughter of Snow White. I’ll assume you’ve heard of my little pony!

My son has chosen a pirate theme. At one time he almost switched to a Lego theme, but he has reverted to pirates, which I am quite pleased about as it is easier to find a pirate costume for him to wear and pirate-theme party paraphernalia!

2) Party bags and other paraphernalia:

So far I’ve bought the following items for my daughter’: party bags –

– My little pony notebook, pencil, eraser, sharpener

– Sweets!

For my almost 4-year old son –

– Story books (10 for £10 at the Works)

– Sweets!

3) I’ve also purchased one canister of helium for inflating balloons. A further bonus of clustered birthdays is being able to just buy one of these a year! Probably we would not bother with helium balloons if the birthdays were spread out over the year.

4) Invitations

My husband is the creative one so I got him to make these on the computer, with the kids project managing…! I think they turned out rather well!

Pirate party invitation
Homemade Pirate party invitation
Homemade Ever after high party invitation
Homemade Ever after high party invitation

5) Party food and cake

My mother has kindly said she would make an ever after high birthday cake for my daughter. I’ll attempt to make a pirate cake for my son.

Another lovely grandparent will hopefully make my youngest a teletubbies cake, as that is his current favourite programme!

As for party food, I am considering trying to make cake pops and perhaps brownies this year. There’s a tremendous amount of baking to do, as the kids want to bring cakes in for their entire class at school on their actual birthdays. Plus you wouldn’t believe what luck I have…my daughter’s birthday is on the same day as the class bake sale! Talk about overload!

Other than that we will probably have some sandwiches, crisps, fruit, and squash.

Update 11/9/16

Cake pops were a success! I can highly recommend making these in a cake pop maker and using candy melts. So easy and I think they look quite good. Little one loved them anyway…

I bought the cake pop sticks and the chocolate candy melts from Lakeland. The candy melts come in many different colours.


img_4175 img_4176 img_4180

Update 30/11/16

Please read my latest post to see how the pirate cake turned out! I made it with the help of a YouTube video by the icingartist.com. I worked on it over two days but it didn’t take too terribly long considering, and dare I say it was almost fun to make!

Pirate party success

6) Games

These are yet to be confirmed, but pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey (or a variant thereof) are likely to feature. My daughter has a few ever after high-specific games. My husband might organise a treasure hunt for the pirate party. Musical statues and bumps, and another game “who’s missing?” in which all the children lie down with their eyes shut and one child is covered by a blanket, then the others have to guess who is missing. And another game where everyone has to try and make one child who stands at the front, laugh.

And finally, last but not least, I have decided to have a little party for my almost two year old son. It will be mostly mums and babies/toddlers, and we will have it on a Friday while the older two children are at preschool/school.


Watch this space for further updates on the parties, and my stress levels!

And read about bullet journals here if you’re interested in getting more organised

Bullet Journals

Accidental Hipster Mum
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