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Why did I start blogging?

I started this blog on an impulse.  When I was a child myself my mother gave me a lovely scented diary at the age of 8.  I recall the moment so clearly, it was pink and had a lock and key, and was divided into four pastel-coloured sections, each with a different gorgeous smell.  I was so taken with it I devoted myself to writing on those scented papers every day.  And then I went onto many more exercise books and more grown-up looking diaries.  But as the years rolled by I became too busy with my studies, work, social life and the writing became infrequent.  And then I had children!  Now that my children are 7, 3 and 1 things are getting (slightly) more manageable I am keen to write about my experiences again, in particular travel…to escape, reflect and remember, but also to reach out to other parents who are looking for fun, doable trips to enjoy with their kids, as I know this can be a challenge and it helps so much to be armed with the right equipment and useful information.

Also. My life is basically chaos.  However, I have been asked many a time, how on earth do I manage as a mum of 3, and do I have any tips?  Well, I definitely don’t have all the answers to parenting, and spend most of my time trying to stay afloat…but occasionally I do stumble upon a useful gem…and then I really am keen to share!

The rest of it will just be photos of stuff we like, places we have been, and food we loved!  Thanks for reading!


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