3 Fabulous Family-friendly Hotels in Phuket, Thailand

If you’re planning a family trip to Phuket right now, you’re in for a treat.  Though we have been to Thailand before, our recent trip was our first time in Phuket.  We didn’t know what to expect, but I’m happy to say we really enjoyed it and will definitely go back.  We actually went to Thailand this time as part of a bigger trip to attend a family wedding in Malaysia, but we love Thailand so much we couldn’t go all that way and not take our kids there, so we decided to combine a visit to both countries.

Sunset on Nai Yang beach, Phuket
Sunset at Nai Yang beach, Phuket

One of the major positives about Phuket as a destination for a holiday with small children is convenience.  You can fly directly to Phuket from Bangkok (as opposed to some Thai islands which require a flight or road travel from Bangkok to a port town, and then a subsequent boat trip).  Also there are some great hotels in the immediate vicinity of the airport itself.  I think we would still visit Phuket even when our children are older, as there were many activities we didn’t get a chance to do this time as they aren’t as toddler-friendly, such as elephant treks.

In this post I’m going to tell you about 3 wonderful family-friendly hotels in Phuket, Thailand, all of which we stayed in, would highly recommend, and are close to the airport.

  1. The Slate, Nai Yang Beach – Of all the family-friendly hotels in Phuket, we absolutely loved this one.  The whole place looks like a work of art! It is so stylishly decorated, every corner seems to have something interesting to look at.  We got off to a good start with an early check-in, which is always a plus when you’ve just got off a long haul flight plus connecting flight with children!  We were so relieved and grateful to get to our lovely room, a D-Buk Suite.  It had a large bed for us, as well as a comfy daybed for our 8 and 4 year old children.  Our youngest (age 2) slept in a cot which was already set up and ready for use when we checked in, along with a little welcome pack containing soap and some baby toiletries.
Sun loungers around a swimming pool, overlooked by palm trees
The Slate Hotel, Nai Yang Beach, Phuket – view of the baby and toddler pool and surrounding sun loungers

One of our favourite features at the Slate was the main pool, which has a lagoon shape with a “waterfall” feature, large rocks in the shallow area, and is surrounded by greenery, all of which gave it a lovely natural feel.  There is a separate toddler pool and a small box of toys to use at the pool/beach was provided.  And there are two further adults-only pools.  We managed to visit one of these and it was brilliant!  There was never a problem getting sun loungers by the pool.  In fact the whole resort felt quiet and exclusive, despite the pretty reasonable price tag.

Nai Yang Beach in the morning
Nai Yang Beach in the morning

The hotel is located on Nai Yang Beach, though it is separated from the beach by a road.  The beach is a little dirty in places, to be completely honest, but to balance this there are several independent places where you can eat, right on the beach, get massages, and do your laundry cheaply (we had to do laundry pretty much straightaway, to our surprise, due to some travel sickness!)  Having these amenities is a major plus, as we like to get out of a resort, have a wander and check out the local scene, where possible.

Fruit and drinks stall at Nai Yang Beach
Fruit and drinks stall at Nai Yang Beach
Chicken satay and pandanus chicken at the Beach restaurant, Nai Yang beach

There’s a good kids club called the Tin Box, which our children enjoyed.  There are some paid activities and many free ones.  We paid for our daughter to do tie-dye T-shirt and Batik T-shirt making and “walk on waterball” in the pool.  There was a free kids cooking class which took place in a very grown-up kitchen, which they enjoyed.  They were actually shuttled there by golf buggy, which was quite a highlight!

Playground outside the Tin Box kids clu
Playground outside the Tin Box kids club

The food is very good at the Slate.  It is on the pricier side, but kids eat free at the restaurants which helped a lot.  Also water is provided in your hotel room, on a daily basis, as well as jugs of iced lemon water by the pool.  I don’t think we had to buy any bottled water at all during our stay!

Grilled fish and rice by the swimming pool

Grilled fish and rice
My favourite poolside meal (grilled catch of the day and rice) – highly recommend!




If you’re looking for something truly special I recommend their signature restaurant, Black Ginger.  In order to get there a man rowed us from the spectacular entrance (pictured below) across the lagoon on a raft, while lit torches flickered all around us.  It was a unique experience! The food and drinks were fabulous too, and despite the sophisticated ambience they cater completely for children as well, providing a kids menu and crayons.  My daughter enjoyed her won ton soup and mocktail!

The beautifully lit entrance to Black Ginger restaurant
The beautifully lit entrance to Black Ginger restaurant


2.  Sunwing Kamala Beach

Next on the list of great family-friendly hotels in Phuket is the Sunwing.  We stayed here for a couple of nights.  It is certainly a family-friendly hotel to the max!  In fact, if you don’t have children I probably wouldn’t advise staying here as it is SO popular with families and the noise could get a little much if you’re hoping for a relaxing resort.

View from our balcony at the Sunwing Kamala Beach
View from our balcony at the Sunwing Kamala Beach

It is located on Kamala beach, which is quite a buzzing stretch.  There is no road to cross so you can get straight from the back of the hotel onto the beach.  There are vendors on the beach selling drinks.  The beach here is a little cleaner but it isn’t pristine by any means…I found (and disposed of) a piece of broken glass bottle which was alarming!

Kamala beach
Kamala beach

There’s a large kids club at Sunwing, but kids can’t be left by themselves here.  They have various activities such as free face-painting and T-shirt decorating (paid).  There’s also a games room for older children age 8 and above, which my daughter liked!

There are many swimming pools, I think we counted about 6, and waterslides too!  The pools were lovely and very much enjoyed by our children.  There is lots of entertainment around for kids, including special appearances by the hotel mascots.   The main restaurant has a relaxed atmosphere, and there’s a section with lots of pillows where children can sit and watch cartoons projected on a big wall.  There were many children playing or sleeping on couches in full view of their parents, during dinner, so you can feel quite at home here even if your children are active like ours and don’t like to sit still for too long!

Food is decent at Sunwing.  The breakfast buffet was very busy, but not bad.  At dinner there is a kids buffet, which was free if accompanied by a paying adult.  They label all foods so any potential allergens are clearly marked, which I felt was very thoughtful.

3. Phuket Marriott Nai Yang Beach

We only had a night here, but it was long enough to know we would like to come back!  Of the 3 family-friendly hotels in Phuket we stayed at this one had the nicest, calmest beach which was great for our kids.   The hotel is literally right on the beach, and it is a lovely clean, quiet stretch which isn’t shared with any other hotels or businesses at the moment, giving a real get away from it all feeling, despite being so close to the airport (you can hardly hear the planes, though you can see them in the distance, which our youngest actually enjoyed anyway.)  At low tide you can wade a long way out and play on the sand banks.  Bliss!  Just don’t forget the sun cream!

Infinity pool at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa
Infinity pool at Phuket Marriott Resort and Spa

There’s a good kids club here too.  Our 4 year old son was happy the instant he entered the place, and the two women working there were so friendly and really took an interest in him and some lego models he brought with him, so he was really won over.

The main pool here has an infinity edge with a great view of the beach.  It’s a lagoon style pool which winds around the resort to some extent, so there are several rooms with direct pool access from the room.

We had two interconnecting rooms on the first floor (note there is no lift to the first floor rooms though we were escorted to our room at the start by a bell hop and driven the whole way there in a golf buggy).

You can relax in this hammock by the pool while your kids enjoy the kids club (pictured in the background)
You can relax in this hammock by the pool while your kids enjoy the kids club (pictured in the background)

We didn’t have many meals here but the ones we had were great.  The breakfast buffet was out of this world.  There was even a juice bar!  You could select the fruits or vegetables you wanted to include and it was all prepared for you.  There was a huge fridge with lots of different juices to choose from.  There were whole coconuts on offer (to drink from).  There was also a custom noodle soup bar.  We could have spent hours at this breakfast buffet.  It felt relaxed and staff were attentive and helpful.  During the day free ice lollies were handed out near the pool.

Made to order curry noodle soup from the breakfast buffet
Made-to-order coconut-based curry noodle soup with chicken “Khao Soy Kai” from the incredible breakfast buffet

All in all these family-friendly hotels in Phuket were winners.  If you’re looking for a lovely holiday with kids, in Thailand, I suggest you try them all!  But if you just want one hotel for your trip I think our favourite was the Slate, as it seemed the most unique. Wishing you happy family travels!

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Pure Luxury at The Conrad, Nusa Dua, Bali

Review of our stay at the splendiferous Conrad Bali, Nusa Dua

If you’re heading to Bali and you think you deserve a treat (I’m sure you most probably do) then I cannot recommend highly enough including this family-friendly hotel in your itinerary!  (By the way this is an independent review and we paid for our holiday in full).  The Conrad Nusa Dua, while feeling slightly out in the middle of nowhere, is a wonderful place where you and your family can spend a few days (4 in our case) and rest assured that your every need will be catered to.  What attracted me to the hotel when I initially did my holiday research (which I invariably do these days, now that my backpacking days are let’s say, just a few years behind me…) is the enormous meandering swimming pool.  My daughter loves to swim, and this pool did not disappoint her.  It also had a “beach style” gradual sloping entry at the end closest to our hotel room, which started with a sandy area that was ideal for our son (age 20 months at the time).  He was able to wander into the pool from the sandy area, and the pool itself was sandy at the bottom, so there was no worry that he was constantly tracking sand in and out as he paddled.  Bliss.


We treated ourselves since it was the end of our stay, to 4 nights in a Conrad Suite.  Specifically it is called “Conrad Suite King”.  This is hands down THE best hotel room we have ever stayed in, IN OUR LIVES.

Why?  Because of its sheer size (110 sq. metres), its separate areas (one large room with a king size bed, a dressing room, a bathroom, and a kitchenette/dining room/living room containing a sofa bed), which enabled us to stay very comfortably as a family of 4, and the perks that came with staying in a Conrad Suite.  In priority order these were: daily afternoon tea with a wide selection of complementary teas or cocktails, and free evening cocktails and canapes which could be enjoyed at an adults-only lounge which was ultra-relaxing, or at the bar overlooking the swimming pool, and…wait for it…unlimited free laundry and dry-cleaning!




Needless to say I took full advantage of this.  I sent them a pile of dirty laundry and it came back all neatly folded satisfyingly wrapped in crepe paper. I don’t think I’ve ever returned home from a holiday with all my laundry clean!?

When we first arrived in our Conrad suite we were also met by this lovely complimentary welcome tray and monkey soft toy for our toddler, which was a really nice touch.  The pack on the left contains nappies.  There was another monkey in the cot (which was all set up with bedding included).  Our daughter quickly adopted that monkey as her own.


The kitchenette had a proper coffee machine, with lots of those little inserts that you could put in to make espresso based coffees, which gave us a great start to each day.  The bathroom was huge with dual vanities.  Housekeeping kept the suite spotless.

Breakfast was included, and although it was incredibly busy the food was plentiful and great, with all the usual offerings plus things like congee and noodles.  There was also a quieter, smaller restaurant which we discovered toward the end of our stay, where we were able to enjoy our lovely breakfast.  The food at the Conrad in general was all completely delicious.  One of my favourite meals was at the Japanese restaurant, where one night we had an amazing buffet dinner, and I ate an absolute ton of sushi!

I enjoyed a wonderful treatment at Jiwa Spa, which has its own pool you can relax in afterwards.


And a further pool which is adults-only, which was near the Conrad Suites, complete with “bed” areas to lounge upon.


Here is the main pool view from the lobby bar area, where we enjoyed cocktails.


The hotel also has a kids club at one end of the pool area, which we visited but didn’t really use, as my sister and parents were with us and our son was too little, and our daughter was too busy in the pool!  It looked like a good programme of activities was available and there was a large outdoor space for playing.

The beach itself is directly behind the hotel and easy to access.  Beautiful and clean.

Stay at the Conrad Nusa Dua!  You won’t regret it.

If you’d like to book through booking.com, which is what we normally use, you can click on the link(s) in the text above or the one below which will take you through to their website.  I will get paid a very small token amount if you book through the link, but at no additional cost to you.  Wishing you and your family very happy travels!



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