I had to do a quick post on this place.  A hidden gem in Petersham, it’s probably the most magical place to have a gourmet 3-course lunch.  Not the most obvious place to take the kids but possibly something for a special occasion. We ate in the cafe (which is rather a misnomer as it is actually a restaurant) for the first time recently and I loved it, especially the first half of the meal when my 1 year old was snoozing! It feels like dining in some sort of flower fairies glade, surrounded by gorgeous plants and fairy lights. And not to worry, there is also a delightful tea room so if you are not feeling up to a culinary journey you can always just stop for a coffee, slice of cake and they also have more casual lunch offerings.  “Work it off” afterwards with a peaceful stroll around the captivating shop and garden centre.

Grilled cuttlefish starter – I went out on a limb, but it was worth it – SO delicious!
Baked salmon and squid ink rice

Convinced yet?

Chocolate pudding, summer berries and cream

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You can relax in this hammock by the pool while your kids enjoy the kids club (pictured in the background)

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